Bjoern Meyer

Bjoern Meyer
Bjoern is the interface between customers and our engineering teams. He is passionate about coding and web technologies and develops products for ASP.NET Core and other platforms. If you are visiting our booth at a conference, most likely you will meet him there. In his free time, Bjoern enjoys running, paragliding, mountain biking, and playing his piano.
September 2023
Deploying an ASP.NET Core Web App to Azure App Services
Deploying an ASP.NET Core Web App with Docker
Impressions from Web Developer Conference WDC 2023 in Hamburg, Germany
Service Pack 4 for TX Text Control 31.0 Released
Getting Started: Document Viewer with JavaScript
Getting Started: Document Editor with JavaScript
TX Text Control 32.0 Has Been Released
Update Strategy for TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET
Getting Started: Document Editor with ASP.NET Core
Meet Text Control at BASTA! 2023 in Mainz, Germany
Meet Text Control at Web Developer Conference (WDC) 2023 in Hamburg,…
Impressions from the Copenhagen Developers Festival 2023
Queuing and Generating Documents using an IHostedService and WebHooks
August 2023
New Payment Provider: Update your Credit Card Information
Apply Digital Signatures to PDF Signature Fields Imported from MS Word…
Sneak Peek: Using the Document Editor with Pure JavaScript
Creating an Angular Document Editor Application with a Node.js…
Document Editor and Viewer with Newer Versions of Angular CLI
Sneak Peek: Retrieving Timestamped Raw Signature Data
Meet Text Control at TechBash 2023
How to Detect and Extract Table Data as JSON from PDF Documents in C#
Create, Pre-Select, Flatten and Extract PDF Form Fields using C#
New White Paper: Integrate Digital Documents
Import and Manipulate Excel Spreadsheets by Converting Cells into Merge…
Meet Text Control at Copenhagen Developers Festival by NDC
How to Choose the Best C# Library for your Document Processing Needs
Useful Tricks for Working with Tables
Generating Hierarchical Tables from JSON Data in .NET C#
July 2023
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Legal Document Management Software
Impressions from THAT Conference 2023
Securing the Signature Endpoint with Custom ActionFilterAttributes
Common Web API Methods for Handling E-Signature Workflows in ASP.NET…
Upgrading a .NET Framework Windows Forms App to a .NET 6 Windows Forms App
Document Viewer: Pre-Select Form Fields Client-Side using JavaScript
Document Viewer 31.3.1 Released
Upgrading an ASP.NET MVC Web Application to an ASP.NET Core Web App
Angular: Loading Documents from Assets Folder on Initialization
Add and Extract Attachments from PDF Documents in C#
Replace Words at the Input Position with Formatted Content from a Web API
Preparing Documents for Electronic Signatures using MailMerge in C#
Sneak Peek 32.0: Modifying the Normal Stylesheet
June 2023
Impressions from DWX Developer Week 2023
Meet Text Control at THAT Conference in Wisconsin Dells
Sneak Peek 32.0: Introducing Footnotes
Service Pack Update Strategy for TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET
Service Pack 3 for TX Text Control 31.0 Released
Electronic Signatures: 2023 Legal Aspects
Smart Documents: Embed Document Versions in PDF/A-3 Containers
Use Case: Create, Deploy and Process Insurance Claim Forms
Table Extension: Remove Empty Columns After Mail Merge
An Ultimate Guide to Mail Merge with MS Word Documents in C#
ComponentSource Announces Master Distribution Agreement for Text…
Meet Text Control at DWX Developer Week 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany
Sign PDF Documents with an X.509 Certificate on a Hardware Device
Document Editor Deployment with Docker and Windows Server Core 2019 and…
May 2023
Impressions of NDC Oslo 2023
Integrate E-Signing into ASP.NET C# Applications using APIs
Reuse Angular Document Editor Instances in Bootstrap Tabs
Azure Pipelines with TX Text Control .NET for WPF and Windows Forms…
Impressions from "Magdeburger Developer Days" 2023
Document Viewer 31.2.3 Released: PDF.js and Bug Fixes
Creating an Angular Application with an ASP.NET Core Backend
Mail Merge: Conditional Data Shaping in Merge Blocks
April 2023
Use Case: Blood Pressure Report with Charts in C#
New Sample: Implementing a Dark Mode for the Document Editor
MailMerge Class Performance Benchmark
Meet Text Control at NDC Oslo 2023 in Norway
Preview: PDF.js Support for Form Fields, Selections and Annotations
Meet Text Control at Developer Days in Magdeburg 2023
DS Server 3.1.1 Released
Custom UI: Drag and Drop Merge Fields into the Document Editor
March 2023
Converting the Selected Text to "Sentence Case" using JavaScript and…
Document Viewer 31.2.2 Final Released: PDF.js, Web Component and…
SVG Export Announced for TX Text Control 32.0
Integrating OpenAI ChatGPT with TX Text Control to Rephrase Content
Building a Credit Card Payment Form with Conditional Instructions
Conferences 2023: Where to See Text Control this Year?
Typical Use-Case: Invoice Generation with TX Text Control in C#
Use PDF.js to Render PDF Documents within the Document Viewer
Document Viewer 31.2.2 RC1 Released with New Features
Extension Method: Converting Tables to Tabs in C#
Healthcare Use Case: Digital Forms Workflow with Electronic Signatures
A New Type of Conference: Text Control Sponsors Copenhagen Developers…
Preview: TX Text Control DocumentViewer Becomes a Web Component
Auto-Generate HTML Forms from PDF AcroForms in C#
Using Accounting Double Underlining in MailMerge Templates
February 2023
BASTA! Spring 2023 Impressions
Service Pack 2 for TX Text Control 31.0 Released
Use and Create Reusable Formatted Text Snippets to Build Documents in…
Creating 100% Compliant ZUGFeRD and Factur-X Invoices using MailMerge in C#
Text Control is back at THAT Conference 2023 in Wisconsin Dells
Importing Excel XLSX Spreadsheets into TX Text Control in ASP.NET Core…
Getting Started: Document Viewer with Angular CLI
Getting Started: Angular Document Editor Attributes Explained
January 2023
Getting Started: Programming the Angular Document Editor using JavaScript
Getting Started: Loading and Saving Documents using Angular
Getting Started: Document Editor with Angular CLI
Impressions from NDC London 2023
Feature Announcement: Enabling External PDF Renderer PDF.js in TX Text…
Implementing Text-As-You-Type Auto Correct Replacements using JavaScript
Customize Signature Fields with Dynamically Created SVG Images
InputPosition, TextChars and Selection: Various Ways to Manipulate Text…
Importing and Processing Signature Fields from MS Word in C#
Meet Text Control at BASTA! Spring in Frankfurt, Germany
Electronic Signatures: Requesting Signatures from Multiple Signers…