Bjoern Meyer

Bjoern Meyer
As CEO, Bjoern is the visionary behind our strategic direction and business development, bridging the gap between our customers and engineering teams. His deep passion for coding and web technologies drives the creation of innovative products. If you're at a tech conference, be sure to stop by our booth - you'll most likely meet Bjoern in person. With an advanced graduate degree (Dipl. Inf.) in Computer Science, specializing in AI, from the University of Bremen, Bjoern brings significant expertise to his role. In his spare time, Bjoern enjoys running, paragliding, mountain biking, and playing the piano.
December 2019
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November 2019
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October 2019
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September 2019
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August 2019
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July 2019
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June 2019
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May 2019
Service Pack 1 for TX Text Control X16 Released
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TX Text Control X17 has been Released
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April 2019
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March 2019
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February 2019
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January 2019
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