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July 2024
Adding Fold Marks and Punch Marks to Documents using Drawings in C#
Extension Method: Flatten Forms Fields in PDF Documents using .NET C#
The Importance of Metadata in PDF Documents: Import and Export Metadata…
Designing a MailMerge Web API Endpoint with ASP.NET Core in C#
Enhancing Documents with QR Codes and Barcodes in .NET C#: A…
Document Automation 101: Leveraging TX Text Control for Business…
Back from DWX Developer Week 2024 - A Recap
June 2024
Print MS Word DOCX Documents in .NET using C# Without Interop
Text to Table and Table to Text in TX Text Control and C#
How to Sign Signature Fields with Custom Signer Information and Time…
Removing Empty Pages in TX Text Control with JavaScript
Document Editor: Useful JavaScript Functions for Tables
Text Control Sponsors DWX Developer Week 2024
Document Editor: Formatting Table Cells Using JavaScript
We Are Back From NDC Oslo 2024 - What a Success!
Extracting Images from MS Word Documents in C#
Extract Data from PDF Documents with C#
Inject JavaScript to PDF Documents in C#
Mail Merge: Merging Templates with Mustache Syntax in C#
Exploring the Comprehensive Ecosystem of TX Text Control Digital…
May 2024
Extract Plain Text from Office Open XML DOCX and DOC Documents in…
Mail Merge: The Pre-Shaped Data Concept Explained
Document Templates Tip: Say No to Forced Page Breaks
Meet Text Control at NDC Oslo 2024
Selecting and Formatting TableCells in TX Text Control
Impressions from "Magdeburger Developer Days" 2024
Meet Text Control at "Magdeburger Developer Days" 2024
Various Ways of Inserting Images into TX Text Control
Word-based Document Comparison and Track Changes Using TX Text Control…
Transforming Financial Documents into Smart and Secure Forms in ASP.NET…
April 2024
Service Pack 3: MailMerge Supports SVG Images
TX Text Control 32.0 Service Pack 3 Released
Document Viewer: Long Polling Support for Loading Documents
Adding and Sharing Annotations across Document Types using the Document…
DOCX to HTML: Convert Documents to HTML and Prepare for Shadow DOM…
Visual Studio Live! 2024: We added another Conference to our Schedule
ASP.NET Core: Loading Documents in the Document Editor
Adjusting the Maximum Request Length for ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET…
Electronic Invoicing will Become Mandatory in Germany in 2025
Inserting MergeBlocks with the DataSourceManager and Applying Table…
Loading Documents from Azure Blob Storage into the TX Text Control…
Generating MS Word DOCX and PDF Documents with ASP.NET Core C#
Form Field Compatibility: Work with AcroForms, Legacy MS Word Forms,…
Comments JavaScript API: Useful Tips and Tricks
March 2024
Integrating Document Lifecycle Management with ASP.NET Core and C#
Adding a Security Middleware to ASP.NET Core Web Applications to…
Building an ASP.NET Core Backend Application to Host the Document…
Meet Text Control at DEVintersection 2024 in Las Vegas
Document Viewer 32.2.1 Released
Loading Documents into the Document Viewer in React
Customizing Electronic Signature Fonts for Typed Signatures in Angular…
Where to see Text Control: Conferences in 2024
Working with Content Controls in MS Word Documents using TX Text…
February 2024
TX Text Control React Packages Released
Why use PDF Templates or Editors when you can use True WYSIWYG Editing?
Using the Document Editor in an ASP.NET Core React Application
Chat PDF - A Generative AI Application for PDF Documents using TX Text…
Impressions from BASTA! Spring 2024
DS Server 3.3.0 Released
The Power of SubTextParts: Typical Use Cases
Renaming Merge Blocks and Merge Fields Programmatically in C#
Handling Electronic Signatures in a Blazor Web App using .NET 8
Impressions from NDC London 2024
January 2024
Using the Document Viewer in a Blazor Server App with .NET 8
PDF Document Classification with OpenAI and TX Text Control in C#
Using TX Text Control in a Blazor Server App with .NET 8
ASP.NET Core: Deploying the TX Text Control 32.0 SP2 Document Editor to…
Impressions from CodeMash 2024
Encapsulating TX Text Control in Class Libraries
Creating an ASP.NET Core Web App with Docker Support and GitHub Packages
TX Text Control 32.0 SP2 Licensing Changes: Say Goodbye to licenses.licx
Unit Testing with NUnit and MSTest and TX Text Control .NET 32.0
Azure Pipelines with TX Text Control .NET for ASP.NET 32.0 with Azure…
32.0 Service Pack 2: Licensing, Unit Testing, and Azure DevOps