After a long development period and a 2-week sprint, we have just released the first release candidate (31.2.2 RC1) of the next version of the Document Viewer for ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core. This version is compatible with the latest version of TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET 31.0 SP2.


The RC1 version has been published as a NuGet package on

Since this package is listed as a pre-release, be sure to add it with the version number:

Install-Package TXTextControl.Web.DocumentViewer -Version 31.2.2-RC.1

If you are using the Package Manager, be sure to check Include prerelease and select the latest RC from the versions listed.

NuGet Packages

What is New?

The Document Viewer receives new features outside the major release cycle of TX Text Control. This means that even minor release numbers contain new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Web Component

Internally, version 31.2.2 is converted to a Web Component, but can also be added using the MVC HTML helper or the Angular component. The main advantage of this approach is that each instance of the web component uses an encapsulated shadow DOM with it's own style and markup. These are the main benefits:

  • Create more than one instance of the DocumentViewer
  • Style each instance individually
  • Access each instance via JavaScript

Learn More

TX Text Control DocumentViewer Becomes a Web Component

PDF.js Support

PDF.js is a JavaScript library maintained by Mozilla and other individual contributors. Version 31.2.2 introduces the option to enable external renderers such as PDF.js to provide the document rendering information.

It is possible to specify the location of PDF.js in the DocumentViewerSettings class through the DocumentLoadSettings. This allows you to specify which renderer should be used to render the loaded PDF document.

Learn More

Enabling External PDF Renderer PDF.js in TX Text Control DocumentViewer

More Features

Additional features version 31.2.2 includes are:

  • .NET compatible regular expressions
    .NET compatible regular expressions for form field validation.

  • Asynchronous zoom
    Asynchronous page refreshing after zooming.

  • Form field loading
    Loading times for documents with form fields have been reduced drastically.

Stay tuned for further updates. The final release date is planned for April 2023, depending on the feedback from this RC phase.