We have just released a new package version of the TX Text Control MVC DocumentViewer for ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core web applications.

Updating the Package

To update the NuGet package, open the NuGet Package Manager, select nuget.org as the package source, select Installed and locate the TXTextControl.Web.DocumentViewer package. From the Versions drop-down list, select the latest stable version (31.2.2).


Fixed Issues

Version 31.2.2 includes both new features and fixes for known issues. The below tables lists all fixed known issues.

ID Description Status
MVCDV-69 Closing clips of tracked changes are drawn at wrong position Fixed in 31.2.2
MVCDV-65 Support for case-insensitive event names Fixed in 31.2.2
MVCDV-59 It should not be possible to sign a document when form fields are still loaded Fixed in 31.2.2
MVCDV-86 Annotation selection frames are deletable Fixed in 31.2.2
MVCDV-76 The second annotation is not selectable when two annotations are at the same position Fixed in 31.2.2
MVCDV-83 No graphical difference between required and non-required signature boxes Fixed in 31.2.2
MVCDV-68 Consistent tooltips with full stop or without at the end of the sentence Fixed in 31.2.2
MVCDV-82 Searching for an empty string leads to unexpected results Fixed in 31.2.2
MVCDV-84 JS API: selectSearchBox has no effect Fixed in 31.2.2
MVCDV-81 Missing resources for the annotation style dialog Fixed in 31.2.2
MVCDV-70 Resources are missing for translation Fixed in 31.2.2
MVCDV-77 DateFormField shows incorrect value for Eastern timezone Fixed in 31.2.2
MVCDV-66 Form field value incorrectly marked as invalid Fixed in 31.2.2
MVCDV-67 Tooltip: Manage Signatures Fixed in 31.2.2
MVCDV-64 Font size in form fields is not adjusted to the zoom factor Fixed in 31.2.2
MVCDV-88 Form fields are displaced and deformed Fixed in 31.2.2
MVCDV-62 Multiple document viewer Instances on single page Fixed in 31.2.2

New Features

The Document Viewer receives new features outside of the TX Text Control major release cycle. This means that even minor release numbers contain new features, improvements and bug fixes.

  • Web Component
    The encapsulated shadow DOM allows several instances on the same page.

  • PDF.js support
    Version 31.2.2 introduces the option to enable external renderers such as PDF.js.

  • .NET compatible regular expressions
    .NET compatible regular expressions for form field validation.

  • Asynchronous zoom
    Asynchronous page refreshing after zooming.

  • Form field loading
    Loading times for documents with form fields have been reduced drastically.

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