Reporting Framework

Flow Type Layout Reporting

Combine powerful reporting features with an easy-to-use, MS Word compatible word processor.

Reporting tools and editors can be complex and have a steep learning curve. TX Text Control disrupts how reports and documents are created and automated.

Using a fully-featured and programmable document editor, MS Word compatible templates are created to generate mail merge letters, table reports, side-by-side and sub-reports. Nested repeating blocks with master-detail relationship views can be easily inserted, filtered and sorted within floating text documents.

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MS Office

MS Word Compatibility

Create reports from MS Word compatible documents such as RTF, DOC and DOCX. Using word processing elements, pixel-perfect reports can be designed and automated within applications.

Adobe PDF

Create PDF and PDF/A Documents

Automate your document generation processes and create print-ready, archivable Adobe PDF documents by merging data from various data sources into MS Word compatible templates.


Fully-Supported SDK

The complete reporting process is programmable, customizable and can be fully integrated into your business applications. Using the powerful API, documents can be processed and automated programmatically.

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