Document Workflow

Document Lifecycle and Workflow Management

Modern document workflows provide streamlined processes that help companies to focus on more high-value tasks and core business functions.

Legacy, paper-based contract processes are slow, expensive and error-prone. Automate these collaboration processes, speed up the complete document workflow and reduce costs and errors by implementing smart document processing technologies.

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Document Workflow


Document Preparation

Prepare templates for your document workflows using a fully-featured, online document editor. Using word processing elements, pixel-perfect documents can be designed and automated within your application.



Add document collaboration features to your document processes by integrating annotations. Send documents to partners for review and collaboration.

Electronic Signatures

Request Signatures

After a document has been approved, final documents can be electronically and digitally signed. The signature trail shows a complete trail of actions and can be used to verify the signature process.


ERP Integration

Add sophisticated document processing to your existing infrastructure and combine ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle with document workflows.

ERP Integration

Document Workflow

Integrate document workflows into your existing infrastructure by creating documents from templates and data from ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle.

After a recipient is added, the document workflow can be started by sending the contract. The recipient is able to modify, reject and approve documents in order to finally sign the document.

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Red Lining


The integration of digital document processing solutions including collaboration, document sharing and electronic signature processes help successful companies to serve their customers and support business continuity.

Integrate document collaboration into your signature processes. Send documents to signers for review and collaboration. Using "red lining" or "track changes", changes are tracked and processed until the document satisfies all requirements.

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