Bjoern Meyer

Bjoern Meyer
Bjoern is the interface between customers and our engineering teams. He is passionate about coding and web technologies and develops products for ASP.NET Core and other platforms. If you are visiting our booth at a conference, most likely you will meet him there. In his free time, Bjoern enjoys running, paragliding, mountain biking, and playing his piano.
December 2008
Press Release: The Imaging Source Extends Its Free Technical Support…
Press Release: Roadmap for TX Text Control 15.0 Released
TX Text Control 15.0 is Coming in Quarter 2 of 2009
November 2008
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October 2008
Insert Special Characters Using the Modifier Keys
Chinese Resources for TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms 14.0
WYSIWYG Editing in Mozilla Firefox
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Press Release: The Imaging Source Announces Its PDF/A Activities
New Sample: Printing to Different Paper Trays
September 2008
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New Tutorial Videos Released
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August 2008
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Press Release: Server-Based Document Creation: Generate Invoices As PDF…
July 2008
We Are Now Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP)
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June 2008
We Are Now ISO 9001:2000 Certified!
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The ParagraphStyle and InlineStyle Constructor Unreveled
May 2008
Searching with C# Escape Sequences
Removing Empty Tables
Manipulating the Selection Object
Casting TextField Derivatives
Digital Signatures - Code Signing the TX Text Control Files
Resize Images to Fit into Page
BrowserTextControl: Using Post-build Events in Visual Studio
April 2008
Building an ASP.NET Word Processor
Refurbished Documentation Comes with SP1
BrowserTextControl: Compressed File Transfer
Service Pack 1 for Version 14.0 is in Progress
March 2008
Online Editing Sample
February 2008
TX Text Control Wins Top 10 Product Award in Japan
New Spell Version with TX Text Control 14.0 Support
New TX Text Control Office in Bremen, Germany
TX Text Control Has Won Top 10 Product Award
Merging a Document with 3 Lines of Code: The New MailMerge Class
January 2008
New Sample: Printing Watermarks
Press Release: TX Text Control 14.0 is Released
TX Text Control 14.0 Has Been Released