Bjoern Meyer

Bjoern Meyer
Bjoern is the interface between customers and our engineering teams. He is passionate about coding and web technologies and develops products for ASP.NET Core and other platforms. If you are visiting our booth at a conference, most likely you will meet him there. In his free time, Bjoern enjoys running, paragliding, mountain biking, and playing his piano.
December 2022
DocumentViewer: Aspect Ratio Scaling of Signature Annotations
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Updating SubTextParts using JavaScript Promises
MailMerge: Working with Image Placeholders
2022 Recap: You Asked, We Answered!
New MailMerge Live Demo: Form Field Mail Merge
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Service Pack 1 for TX Text Control 31.0 Released
Combining Merge and Form Fields to Prepare Document Forms
Impressions from DEVintersection 2022 in Las Vegas
Impressions from DDC - .NET Developer Conference '22
November 2022
Adding Digital Signatures to PDF Documents in C#
ASP.NET Core: Deploying the TX Text Control Document Viewer to Azure…
DS Server: Announcing Distributed OAuth Authentication for Scalable…
Advantages of Text Control Electronic Signatures
New US Headquarters: Welcome to the Innovations Floor
Integrating Document Automation into C# Applications
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Converting Markdown to DOCX and PDF in C#
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.NET 7 Day 0 Support for all .NET Products of Text Control
Impressions from TechBash 2022
Using MailMerge Events to Remove Trailing Text in a Merge Block
Using Charts with TX Text Control .NET for Windows 31.0 in .NET 6
Creating Invoices from DOCX Templates in C# from Scratch
October 2022
Using the MVC DocumentViewer with a Separate Backend
Angular DocumentViewer: Translating Resources
Compiling TX Text Control .NET Server 31.0 with Azure DevOps and Artifacts
What is the Difference between Electronic and Digital Signatures?
Merging Signature Annotations into Documents
Impressions from BASTA! 2022
DS Server 3.0: Deploying DS Server without IIS using Docker
DS Server 3.0 Released
Impressions from NDC Oslo 2022
September 2022
Demo: Signature Fields in the Document Editor
Service Pack 3 for TX Text Control 30.0 Released
Document Viewer: SignatureSettings Explained
Digitally Signing Adobe PDF Documents
Deploying Windows Forms and WPF to Windows Store using MSIX
Digitally Sign Signature Fields with PFX Certificates
Getting Started: Document Editor with Angular
TX Text Control 31.0 and TX Spell .NET 10.0 Have Been Released
Deploying an ASP.NET Core Web Application using the Document Editor…
Getting Started with WPF (.NET Framework)
Getting Started with WPF (.NET 5 and better)
Getting Started with Windows Forms (.NET Framework)
Getting Started with Windows Forms (.NET 5 and better)
Getting Started: Document Editor with ASP.NET Web Forms (.NET Framework)
Getting Started: ServerTextControl and MailMerge with ASP.NET MVC (.NET…
Getting Started: Document Viewer with ASP.NET MVC (.NET Framework)
Getting Started: Document Editor with ASP.NET MVC (.NET Framework)
Getting Started: ServerTextControl and MailMerge with ASP.NET Core
Getting Started: Document Viewer with ASP.NET Core
Getting Started: Document Editor with ASP.NET Core
August 2022
Meet Text Control at BASTA! 2022 in Mainz
Sneak Peek 31.0: Customizing the Context Menu of the ASP.NET Document…
Meet Text Control at TechBash 2022
Generating Documents using a RESTful, Asynchronous Web API using WebHooks
Requesting Electronic Signatures using TX Text Control 31.0
Meet Text Control at NDC Oslo 2022
Windows Forms and WPF Comeback: .NET 6 and 7. Our Commitment to Windows…
Text Control Error Navigator Launched
Restoring the Merge Field Default Behavior
Visual Studio 2022 and .NET 5, 6 and 7 (Preview) Support and Strategy
Using Interactive Features with ServerTextControl
July 2022
Using Document Viewer Collaboration Features in Angular
JavaScript: Avoid Flickering and Visual Updates by Grouping Undo Steps
Getting Started with DS Server and Postman
Getting Started: Document Editor with ASP.NET Core and .NET 6
New Live Demos: PDF Forms Processing, Creating PDFs and PDF Security
Using QR Codes to Open Documents in Document Portals
New Getting Started Article Hub Launched
Impressions from DWX Developer Week 2022
June 2022
Diagnostics: When Calling ServerTextControl.Create() Failed
Preparing Projects for GitHub Actions
Deploying Forms with TX Text Control
Formatting Numbers in Table Cells
Can't Connect to the Server? Reasons and Solutions
Extract Text and Data from PDF Documents in C#
Windows Forms: Adding Margins to FloatingText ViewMode
Online Sample: Combining Form Fields and Formulas
MailMerge: Merging Hyperlinks using the FieldMerged Event
Reusing TXTextControl Instances in Bootstrap Tabs
Service Pack 2 for TX Text Control 30.0 Released
May 2022
Meet Text Control at DWX Developer Week 2022
Sneak Peek 31.0: Signature Fields
Sneak Peek 31.0: Full .NET 6 Visual Studio Designer Support
Mail Merge with MS Word Documents in C# - An Ultimate Guide
Creating PDF Files using TX Text Control .NET in C#
Impressions from DevDays 2022
Impressions from NDC London 2022
Text Control and Appeon Announce Expanded Partnership to Enable…
Mail Merge MS Word Office Open XML (DOCX) Templates in C#
MailMerge: Field Mapping and Handling of Unmerged Fields
DS Server or TX Text Control? Different Deployment Scenarios
Document Editor: JavaScript Object Availability and Order of Events
April 2022
Announcing New Signature Features: Initials and SVG
Document Editor: Implementing a Contextual Toolbar
Meet Text Control at DevDays 2022 in Magdeburg, Germany
Different Ways to Store Additional Information in Documents
Using Drawings and Barcodes in .NET 6 Console Applications
Impressions from DEVintersection Spring 2022
ASP.NET DocumentEditor Deployment: Setting the APIRoute
March 2022
Generating Interactive PDF Forms by Injecting JavaScript
Meet Text Control at NDC London 2022
Different Ways to Insert Images
Combining MailMerge and Table of Contents
Legal Documents: Combining Line Numbering, Form Fields and Document…
DocumentViewer: Deploy and Transfer Documents to Mobile Devices
MailMerge: Data Structures Explained with a Sample Template and JSON Data
Document Viewer: Processing Tracked Changes
DS Server 2.0.2 Released
Whitepaper: Integrate On-Premise Electronic Signature Processes into…
TX Text Control .NET for WPF: Rendering Issues with Intel Iris Xe…
February 2022
Initialize Text Control Without a Printer (Completely)
Adding Attachments to Adobe PDF Documents using C#
Document Viewer: Uploading Signatures
Impressions from BASTA! Spring 2022
See Text Control at DEVintersection in Las Vegas
Evaluating TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET using Trial Tokens
Merging Form Fields using the MailMerge Class
MailMerge: Rendering Conditional Table Rows
Merging Barcodes with JSON Data in C#
Create or Generate Adobe PDF files in ASP.NET Core with C#
Service Pack 1 for TX Text Control 30.0 Released
Handling Signature Requests in ASP.NET Core
Meet Text Control at BASTA! Spring 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany
Electronic Signatures: Document Signing by Routing Requests to Custom…
January 2022
Adding SVG Watermarks to Documents
Using MailMerge in ASP.NET Core 6 Web Applications
Storing Documents on the Blockchain
DocumentViewer Mobile-Friendly View Released
Getting Started: Document Viewer with ASP.NET Core and .NET 6
New Getting Started Hub Released
Deploying Documents with Annotations
Using TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET in Blazor Server Apps
Form Field Handling in PDF Documents