In several key industries where our products are widely used, such as healthcare, banking and insurance, we work closely with partners. We learn and improve our products for each specific application by getting input from development teams across industries.

In return, our partners benefit from a number of services we provide, including priority support and greater input into product and feature roadmaps. It is this win-win collaboration that makes our technology better and gives our partners exactly what they need and want.

Partner Program Benefits

Partner Input

Partners are given a higher priority to get involved in requesting features. Product roadmaps are aligned to partners requirements and feature planning is designed to meet the needs of the partners involved.

They are provided with a dedicated support team with a high level of priority and response time. This does not mean that other users will have lower priority in the future. Our goal is to provide highly responsive, priority support to all users of our products. Partners will be provided with a dedicated team of support engineers with a faster response time.

A customer success manager bridges the requirements with our product teams, serving as the single point of contact for development progress, support cases, and important tasks.

Prototype Incubator

We help to develop prototypes to prove the feasibility of requirements to get document processing projects off the ground. Partners starting a new project by migrating from legacy technology or implementing new document processing tasks will receive dedicated hands-on development time to assist with prototyping.

If you are interested in this program, you can read more about it on the dedicated overview page.

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The Partner Program is designed for companies that are interested in partnering with us to provide their clients with the best document processing technology available.

Text Control Partner Program