What Are TX Text Control Subscriptions?

TX Text Control Subscriptions entitle developers to get immediate access to product updates and service packs - the moment they are released - for the period of one year. Furthermore, subscribers can place an unlimited number of support incidents via telephone, email or in the forums.

What Are TX Text Control Pre-Renewal Subscriptions?

A pre-renewal subscription renews your TX Text Control Subscription for one year before your expiry date. When your subscription is expired, you can renew your TX Text Control subscription for the post-renewal price.

What Are TX Text Control Post-Renewal Subscriptions?

A post-renewal subscription renews your TX Text Control Subscription for one year, if your subscription has already expired. This offer is only valid for thirty days after expiration. After thirty days, there is no possibility to renew your TX Text Control Subscription.

How Can I Place an Order for Text Control products?

There are two ways to place an order for Text Control products:


There are certain cases when you may prefer to place an order on the telephone or to send us a fax. Take a look at the sales pages for contact information. You may place your order on the telephone during regular office hours at our USA, European or Asia Pacific headquarters.

USA: +1 704-544-7445
Europe: +49 421 42706710 (Germany)
Asia Pacific: +886 2 2792 3153 (Chinese Taipei)

Online Store

The Text Control Store is the easiest way to place an order. As soon as you have purchased the software, you may immediately download the full version.

Text Control Store

What Will Happen After I Place My Order?

You will receive a confirmation for your transaction immediately after you place your order online. You will also receive a confirmation by email that contains all of your order data. If you have selected ESD as the shipment method, you can download the software immediately. A printed invoice will be sent by email. Allow 1 day for processing.

Can I Use My Freemail Address?

We would prefer you to use your business email address. However, there are no technical means in place to prevent your from using a free email address.

How Can I Obtain a Written Quote?

Please contact the Sales Department, if you require a written quote or proforma invoice.

How Do I Get Special Terms or Discounts?

Special discounts are available for teams of four or more developers. These are called Team Licenses. Four developer team licenses are available in the online store. Please contact the Sales Department for larger teams. Savings of up to 50% are possible.

Do You Have Academic and Government Discounts Available?

Yes, we have academic and government discounts available. Simply call us:

USA: +1 704-544-7445
Europe: +49 421 42706710 (Germany)
Asia Pacific: +886 2 2792 3153 (Chinese Taipei)

Can I Order Via DLA Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)?

Text Control offers special pricing to the U.S. Federal Government and entities for payment under a Department of Defense (DoD) contract and is listed under SAM (System for Award Management).

Text Control, LLC
Suite 470
4600 Park Road
Charlotte, NC 28209
United States

DUNS number: 064744369

CAGE code: 6VDH0

Which Payment Options Are Available?

We have a free Express edition that is free for commercial and private use.

Can I Have a Copy for Free?

In the online store you can use:

Visa Visa

Mastercard Mastercard

Amex American Express (EUR only)

On the telephone, in addition, you can use:

Amex American Express (EUR and USD)

It is also possible to wire transfer funds to our account. Bank details below. Please contact the Sales Department for a proforma invoice.

Which Currencies Do You Accept?

Euro and US Dollars only. However, the currency in which you pay depends upon the country in which you are resident.

How Will I Receive My Invoice?

You will receive your invoice by email. A printed copy of the invoice can be sent by fax or to your postal address on request. Please contact the Sales Department.

What Is This Charge on My Credit Card / Debit Card Statement?

Your statement will list the charge under our company name - Text Control GmbH for orders in the online store and placed at the European headquarters and Text Control, LLC for orders placed at the USA headquarters.

I Am Really Stuck. Who Can I Call?

We have developed the Text Control Store to be as intuitive as possible; however, there are times when you may wish to talk to a human. In such cases, please call:

USA: +1 704-544-7445
Europe: +49 421 42706710 (Germany)
Asia Pacific: +886 2 2792 3153 (Chinese Taipei)

What Exactly Will I Receive, If the Software Is Delivered by Email?

You will receive an email detailing how to download the software and your serial number(s). Please store this email in a safe place. You can download the software as many times as you wish. However, if you enter your account details incorrectly four times, your account will be deactivated. In this case, please contact the webmaster.

How Much Are Shipping and Packaging Costs?

Software that is delivered via the Internet (ESD) is shipped free of charge.

For orders that are placed at a TX Text Control reseller, other conditions may apply. Please contact your local reseller for details.

How Secure Is the Order Process?

The TX Text Control order process is protected via a secure connection so that the data sent to the recipient can only be read by the recipient. Important information such as credit card numbers, addresses, etc. is sent to the recipient securely via the Internet.

All of the data entered on the protected pages is encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

Additionally, Text Control GmbH is a certified Visa and MasterCard partner. This means that the Text Control GmbH business processes and the Text Control Store have undergone intensive security and vulnerability testing. Furthermore, Text Control GmbH personnel are committed to abiding to the set of security principles laid out in the Visa and MasterCard certification programs.

Currently, there is no higher level of security than the one that is guaranteed by this certification.

I Interrupted My Online Order - Has My Data Been Saved?

No. Data that you enter during the order process will not be saved until you have clicked "BUY NOW" to submit your order.