Bjoern Meyer

Bjoern Meyer
As CEO, Bjoern is the visionary behind our strategic direction and business development, bridging the gap between our customers and engineering teams. His deep passion for coding and web technologies drives the creation of innovative products. If you're at a tech conference, be sure to stop by our booth - you'll most likely meet Bjoern in person. With an advanced graduate degree (Dipl. Inf.) in Computer Science, specializing in AI, from the University of Bremen, Bjoern brings significant expertise to his role. In his spare time, Bjoern enjoys running, paragliding, mountain biking, and playing the piano.
December 2015
MVC: Replace the File Menu with a Backstage View Menu
Use SubTextParts to Protect Document Parts
See Text Control at BASTA! Spring 2016
MVC: Replace the Ribbon Table Menu with a Quick Insert Table Drop-down
What a Year 2015 - Deep Functionality. Delivered.
MVC: Arrange a Docked Web.TextControl with a Custom Bar at the Top
Visit Text Control at NDC London 2016
Setting the Interface and Control's Culture of Web.TextControl
Creating Nested Repeating Blocks with Version X13 (23.0)
MVC: Autosave and Restore Documents to and from the Local Browser Storage
Adding ASP.NET Web API Support to an Existing Visual Studio ASP.NET MVC…
TXTextControl.Web Web Forms and MVC: Routing Service Calls to a…
ASP.NET MVC: How to Use the HtmlHelper Settings with Lambda Expressions
Press Release: TX Text Control X13: Drawings, Reporting and ASP.NET MVC
TX Text Control X13 for Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET and ActiveX Released
MVC: Loading and Saving Documents Through Controller HttpPost Methods
Text Control at DDC 2015
November 2015
Web.TextControl X13: Improved Merge Field Insertion
X13: Use SubTextParts to Save Formatted Comments
X13: Using IMEs and Localization in Web.TextControl
X13: New Web Forms DocumentViewer Style
Sneak Peek X13: New Features in Web.TextControl
Preorder X13 Now and Get TX Spell .NET for Free
Test-drive TX Text Control at DDC Conference 2015
MailMerge Just Got Easier. Again.
Rendering Barcode Objects in ASP.NET
Text Control at DevIntersection 2015: Roadmap X13
October 2015
Migrate Your Windows Applications to the Web
HTML5: Adding a Download Button to the Ribbon File Menu
Sneak Peek X13: MS Word Compatible Drawings and Shapes
HTML5: Make Merge Field Lists Scrollable in the Ribbon Bar
Meet Text Control at DevIntersection in Las Vegas, NV
Philly Code Camp at the Microsoft Technology Center, Malvern
HTML5: Store Documents Using the Local Browser Storage
HTML5: Enable Spell Checking Using Javascript
Sending Authorized Requests from WebForms to MVC
See Text Control at Philly Code Camp 2015.2
BASTA! 2015 Impressions: Bigger and Better
HTML5: Saving Documents in an MVC Controller Method
September 2015
HTML5: Copy Formatted Content to the Client Clipboard
Inserting Multipage TIFF Images into TX Text Control
Create Database Excerpt Files from SQL Databases
HTML5: Display and Handle FormCheckBox Fields
Dialog Project: Remapping Merge Fields
Text Control at BASTA! 2015
HTML5: Loading Local Documents - Part 2
Web.TextControl: Can't Connect to the Server?
MailMerge: MergeFields with CRLFs
HTML5: Loading Local Documents Using Pure Javascript
August 2015
HighEdit Converter Plus Launched
Create Database Excerpt Files from Assemblies
New Text Control Reporting Online Demo Launched
New HTML5 Reporting Demo Website Online
TextControl.Web: Custom Mail Merge Preview
Survey: Which .NET Framework Versions Are You Using?
Using MailMerge with JSON Data
July 2015
Merging Documents with RESTful Web API's
Service Pack 2 for TX Text Control X12 Released
Windows Forms: Printing Multiple Pages Per Sheet
Inserting Watermark Images to All Pages Dynamically
Reporting: Sorting Merge Block Rows by Column Name
TX Text Control .NET Licensing Explained
June 2015
MailMerge with the Entity Framework Using Database First
First Day at NDC Oslo 2015
Text Control is Moving to GitHub
Reporting: Styling the DocumentViewer for ASP.NET
Reporting: Merging MS Word Documents with DocVariables
TextControl.Web: Determine when a Document Has Been Completely Loaded
Text Control Named a Leader in the SD Times 100 Awards 2015
New Online Store and License Management Tool Launched
May 2015
Visit Text Control at Spark Conference in Our Hometown
TextControl.Web: Adding Custom Ribbon Tabs
The Text Control Reporting Framework: An Overview
Building a Touch-enabled Button Bar with Javascript
See Text Control at NDC Oslo 2015
First Day at DevIntersection 2015 in Scottsdale, AZ
TextControl.Web: Inserting Merge Fields Using Javascript
MailMerge: Merge Hyperlinks into Merge Fields
Upgrade Your Heiler HighEdit Based Applications
TextControl.Web: Creating an MVC Application with Razor
Back from Dotnet Cologne 2015: Some Impressions
TextControl.Web: Adding a Block Navigation Panel
TX Text Control X12 (22.0) Service Pack 1 Released
April 2015
TextControl.Web: Protecting Documents
Updating Your TextControl.Web from X11 to X12
Text Control Comes to the Desert: DevIntersection 2015
Web.TextControl: JQueryUI Alert Boxes and Javascript Events
Text Control is Gold Sponsor at .NET Cologne 2015
Press Release: TX Text Control X12: New Cross-browser Editing Features…
TX Text Control X12 and TX Spell 6.0 Released
Ready-to-use Ribbon Tabs in TX Text Control X12
Web.TextControl Successfully Tested in Project Spartan
March 2015
Checked and Unchecked Check Boxes with IF Fields
Pre-order X12 and Get Spell Checking for Free
Web.TextControl in MVC with MVC View Pages
Reporting: Conditional Formatted Text Blocks
Web.TextControl X12: Fully Programmable API
Text Control Sponsors Philly Code Camp 2015.1
Web.TextControl X12 Beta: Live Demo Online
Sneak Peek: Field Navigation Panel in TX Text Control Words
February 2015
First Day at BASTA! Spring 2015
Sneak Peek: TX Text Control .NET for WPF X12
Using TX Text Control with C++ Builder XE7
Web.TextControl and Spell Checking
Reporting Best Practices and How-To Guides
January 2015
Sneak Peek: Client Clipboard Support in HTML5 Editor
MailMerge: Master Table and Client Tables
Roadmap X12: Web.TextControl Enhancements in Detail
Web.TextControl: Adding Buttons to the Ribbon Bar
MailMerge: Formatting Numeric Strings in Merge Fields
See Text Control at South Florida .NET Code Camp 2015
Text Control: Our Components Drive Leading EMR and EHR Software Packages
TX Text Control X12 Preview at BASTA! Spring 2015
MailMerge: Merge CheckBoxes During the Merge Process
MailMerge: Conditional INCLUDETEXT Fields
Find and Highlight Strings in All Text Parts
RichTextBox Compatible Data Binding with TX Text Control