This year, the creators of the NDC conferences are introducing a new event: the Copenhagen Developers Festival. A developer-focused festival featuring workshops, sessions, and festival nights with live music and entertainment.

The vast space, with both indoor and outdoor areas, invites developers to enjoy the late summer weather during the breaks between sessions and in the evenings.

It is our belief that developers need to come together to learn and to enjoy interacting with other developers worldwide. When we heard about this new type of conference in our industry, we were sold on the idea immediately and signed a sponsorship agreement to support this event.

More than 100 speakers from all over the world will be talking about development, the latest technologies, frameworks, AI, and other hot topics in our industry. The conference offers more than 120 sessions and 13 workshops on topics including machine learning, architecture, testing, security, and DevOps.

The line-up of speakers includes Scott Hanselman, Kesha Williams, Michelle Mannering, Anjuan Simmons, Carl Franklin, and Mads Torgersen.

To demonstrate the latest document processing technologies and product releases, Text Control will have a conference team on site.

At our Booth: Digital Document Processing

What are you going to see at our booth at the Copenhagen Developers Festival 2023? Visit our demonstration desks for demos of our core technologies:

  • Reporting
  • Document Editing
  • PDF Processing
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Document Viewing
  • Document Workflow

If you need to solve any of the tasks listed above and would like to discuss best practices, please stop by our booth and talk to one of our engineers. Our team would be more than happy to meet you and your team of developers at our expo booth at the Copenhagen Developers Festival 2023.

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Get in touch with us to set up a meeting with our team at the event, or just stop by our booth and say hello.

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See you in Copenhagen!