Create and Process
Adobe PDF Documents

Integrate PDF workflows into your business applications.

The major advantage of PDF documents is the multi-platform compatibility. A document such as a tax form or invoice can be sent to any recipient who is able to read, complete or print it. TX Text Control helps to create PDF and PDF/A documents by merging data into MS Word compatible templates.

TX Text Control is used to cover the complete PDF document workflow from creating the document to processing incoming documents in business applications. Combined with the powerful template-based document creation engine, TX Text Control provides developers the complete solution to handle PDF documents in business processes.

PDF from MS Word

Create Adobe PDF and PDF/A documents by merging data into MS Word compatible templates. Design your PDF documents pixel-perfect based on floating text word processing elements.

Process PDF/A-3 with Embedded Files

Create electronic document containers by embedding files in Adobe PDF documents. Create and import electronic documents such as invoices (ZUGfERD) and process the attachments.

Digitally Sign PDFs

TX Text Control can be used to digitally sign Adobe PDF and PDF/A documents with X.509 certificates. These signatures can be created with PFX, DER Cer or Base64 CER certificate files.

PDF Form Filling

TX Text Control provides a comprehensive way to create documents with fillable form elements such as form text boxes, check box fields and drop-down elements.

Tired of "Programming" PDFs?

Creating PDF files is often a tricky part in business applications. Using TX Text Control, you can create documents from scratch programmatically or by merging data into existing MS Word templates. TX Text Control automatically takes care of page sizes, paging, margins, headers and footers and section breaks. All of these features can be completely controlled to create pixel-perfect PDF documents.

TX Text Control also provides a powerful mail merge engine to populate placeholder fields with data from various data sources such as JSON, XML and IEnumerable objects. Text Control reporting combines powerful word processing with high-end reporting features like master-detail repeating blocks, charts, barcodes and many more.

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Customizable Editor

Give your users an MS Word compatible document editor that runs in all browsers and platforms. Based on modern and powerful browser-features, the online editor provides document editing functionality for your business applications. A unique rendering technology enables the consistent rendering for all users independent of used browsers or operating systems.

Provide the online editor to your users and allow them to design templates for PDF generation. Your end-users can use their MS Word word processing skills to design pixel-perfect PDF documents.

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PDF Parsing

TX Text Control provides several options to import PDF documents. Documents can be imported and converted into other formats such as MS Word to be editable. Those documents can be modified and saved in other formats.

Text Element Coordinates

Using TX Text Control, a full text search can be run on PDF documents. Additionally, coordinates of document elements can be extracted and processed. Therefore, it is possible to search for a specific string and all numbers in that radius of a document.

Embedding and Extracting Attachments

PDF/A-3 permits the embedding of files in any format. PDF/A-3 documents allow the progression from electronic paper to an electronic container that holds the human and machine-readable versions of a document. Applications can extract the machine-readable portion of the PDF document in order to process it. A PDF/A-3 document can contain an unlimited number of embedded documents for different processes.

Electronic Invoices

In case of the electronic invoice, a machine-readable part can be embedded (such as XML). The processing application is not specialized in reading PDF documents, but is able to extract the structured attachment, which is then processed by the commercial software that is able to read this attachment. ZUGFeRD is a specification for a format that describes electronic invoices.

Using TX Text Control, PDF files with attachments can be created and imported to retrieve and process embedded attachments such as electronic invoices.

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PDF Form Filling

TX Text Control provides a comprehensive way to create documents with fillable form elements, such as form text boxes, check box fields and drop-down elements. Documents with form elements can be created like mail merge templates and dynamically pre-completed with known values. This helps to generate custom forms where some fields are already completed with known values to accelerate the completion process and to improve the user experience.

Using TX Text Control, PDF documents can be easily created, shared and collected in business applications. PDF forms with fillable form elements can be created and collected by reading the completed documents in order to analyze and store the data.

Integrate PDF Processing Into All Platforms