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June 2024
Print MS Word DOCX Documents in .NET using C# Without Interop
Text to Table and Table to Text in TX Text Control and C#
A Step-by-Step Guide to Formatting Table Cells in TX Text Control…
May 2024
Document Templates Tip: Say No to Forced Page Breaks
Selecting and Formatting TableCells in TX Text Control
Various Ways of Inserting Images into TX Text Control
Word-based Document Comparison and Track Changes Using TX Text Control…
April 2024
Service Pack 3: MailMerge Supports SVG Images
TX Text Control 32.0 Service Pack 3 Released
Electronic Invoicing will Become Mandatory in Germany in 2025
Inserting MergeBlocks with the DataSourceManager and Applying Table…
February 2024
Getting Started: Creating a .NET 8 Windows Forms Ribbon Application…
Impressions from BASTA! Spring 2024
The Power of SubTextParts: Typical Use Cases
Renaming Merge Blocks and Merge Fields Programmatically in C#
January 2024
TX Text Control Supports .NET 8 in Windows Forms and WPF Applications
Upgrading a .NET Framework Windows Forms App to a .NET 8 Windows Forms…
Secure and Deploy .NET Windows Forms Apps with MSIX AppContainer Apps
Encapsulating TX Text Control in Class Libraries
TX Text Control 32.0 SP2 Licensing Changes: Say Goodbye to licenses.licx
Unit Testing with NUnit and MSTest and TX Text Control .NET 32.0
Azure Pipelines with TX Text Control .NET for WPF and Windows Forms…
32.0 Service Pack 2: Licensing, Unit Testing, and Azure DevOps