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November 2023
Service Pack 1 for TX Text Control 32.0 Released
How to Delete All Section Breaks in a DOCX Document using C#
October 2023
Converting Paragraphs to Styles by Comparing Formatting Attributes
Converting MS Word DOCX Documents to PDF in C#
Display PDF Documents in Windows Forms using the Document Viewer and…
Text Control Partner Program Announced
September 2023
Service Pack 4 for TX Text Control 31.0 Released
TX Text Control 32.0 Has Been Released
Meet Text Control at BASTA! 2023 in Mainz, Germany
Impressions from the Copenhagen Developers Festival 2023
August 2023
Useful Tricks for Working with Tables
Generating Hierarchical Tables from JSON Data in .NET C#
July 2023
Upgrading a .NET Framework Windows Forms App to a .NET 6 Windows Forms App
Sneak Peek 32.0: Modifying the Normal Stylesheet
June 2023
Sneak Peek 32.0: Introducing Footnotes
Service Pack 3 for TX Text Control 31.0 Released
Table Extension: Remove Empty Columns After Mail Merge
An Ultimate Guide to Mail Merge with MS Word Documents in C#
May 2023
Azure Pipelines with TX Text Control .NET for WPF and Windows Forms…
April 2023
Meet Text Control at Developer Days in Magdeburg 2023
March 2023
Extension Method: Converting Tables to Tabs in C#
Using Accounting Double Underlining in MailMerge Templates
February 2023
Service Pack 2 for TX Text Control 31.0 Released
January 2023
Create a Table of Contents in Windows Forms using C#
InputPosition, TextChars and Selection: Various Ways to Manipulate Text…
Official TX Text Control .NET Sample Applications Are Now Hosted on GitHub