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Text Control Consulting Services help you to make solid decisions about integrating digital document processing into your applications and workflows.

Consulting Services

Text Control offers industry-leading support services as part of all subscription licenses including phone, e-mail, forums and live chat technical support.

We understand that sometimes your projects will require support beyond even those high level services. Our consulting experts can provide training and mentoring, migration assistance and more.

With more than 30 years of experience across multiple industries, Text Control is an expert in the reporting area. We have helped thousands of customers to implement highly reliable, outperforming document processes based on Text Control products.

Text Control Consulting

Technology Migration

Text Control Consulting Services help you to make solid decisions about migrating from other digital document processing solutions to Text Control.

Our consultants help with decisions regarding software architecture, implementation methods and general best practices.

Whether you are migrating from Microsoft Office Automation, Crystal Reports or other third-party reporting tools - our engineers and consultants bring invaluable experience to help you in moving to a solution suitable for your specific requirements.

Text Control Consulting

Workshops and Training

Our certified trainers provide customized workshops and hands-on training for all project requirements and team sizes for the most typical tasks and requirements.

  • Migrating "Office Automation" projects
  • Template design
  • Reporting concepts
  • Electronic invoices
  • Digital and electronic signatures
  • PDF processing

Enterprise Services

Our enterprise services are designed for the requirements of large solutions and software developer teams. We understand that our usual software release cycles won't fit to all requirements - specifically for enterprise-level software packages.

  • Long-term support
  • High-priority technical support
  • Early access to roadmaps
Text Control Consulting