How Much Does Technical Support Cost?

When you purchase a TX Text Control Subscription license you are also entitled to an unlimited amount of free technical support - direct access to the support engineers by telephone, e-mail and online chat. All support requests, using which ever medium, are free of charge.

When Can I Telephone With the Support Department?

The support engineers are able to offer telephone technical support at the times indicated only:

  • United States: 9am to 6pm EST
  • Europe (Germany): 9am to 7pm CET

In which languages can I communicate with the Support Department?

The support engineers speak English and German. Using machine translation, they are able to translate e-mails from most European languages into a language that they can understand. However, e-mail support issues will always be answered in English, unless they know for certain that your primary language in German, in which case, they will use German.