Last week, we exhibited at the DEVintersection 2023 conference in Orlando. This conference was the last show of the year and the end of a very successful conference season with 12 conferences that we have sponsored.

The week-long conference featured full-day workshops, sessions, and keynotes from renowned Microsoft speakers such as Scott Hanselman, Scott Hunter, and Kathleen Dollard. DEVintersection was co-hosted with the Microsoft Azure + AI Conference, bringing together the .NET and AI worlds.

We exhibited in the expo hall with other industry leaders to showcase our latest products and ideas, including the integration of AI into document processing tasks. It was a lot of fun to have conversations with hundreds of developers about digital document processing and PDF creation.

Thanks to Microsoft's commitment, the Island of Adventure amusement park opened its doors exclusively to conference attendees on Wednesday evening. That means more than 1000 enthusiastic developers riding roller coasters with no waiting lines, free food and drinks, and a lot of fun.

Below you will find some impressions of the conference and of our booth area.

See you next year!