We just published a new package version of the TX Text Control MVC DocumentViewer for ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core web applications. With the release of TX Text Control 31.0, we also changed the versioning of all NuGet packages available for download on NuGet and in the Text Control Offline Packages package source.

New Package Versioning

The versioning now reflects official service pack releases in the minor part of the semantic versioning three-part version number. For example:

NuGet Package Versioning

We always recommend to update all parts of TX Text Control and uplift projects to the most current versions. If this is not possible, please make sure that the service pack level is the same. For example: If you are using TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET 31.0 SP1, please use a NuGet package with the minor version number 1 (e.g. 31.1.1).

Since the official release of Service Pack 1 for TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET 31.0, we released two NuGet package versions:

Updated packages include both new features and fixes for known issues. The below tables list all changes for both released versions.

Version 31.1.0

ID Description Type Status
MVCDV-45 The zoom is unlocked after initialization instead the zoom should switch to 100% and the zoom is locked Bug Fixed in 31.1.0
MVCDV-48 Adding annotations not possible after loading document while the annotation toolbar is open Bug Fixed in 31.1.0
MVCDV-43 Input for editing the signer's name looses focus in Chromium Browser on Android devices Bug Fixed in 31.1.0
MVCDV-37 Commented text at the end of a document is not completely selected Bug Fixed in 31.1.0
MVCDV-42 Multiple errors after adding highlight annotation without selected text Bug Fixed in 31.1.0
MVCDV-46 Firefox: Printing is not possible Bug Fixed in 31.1.0
MVCDV-44 Signatures: Submit doesn't work on mobile devices Bug Fixed in 31.1.0
MVCDV-38 Specific documents cannot be downloaded with annotations Bug Fixed in 31.1.0

Version 31.1.1

ID Description Type Status
MVCDV-51 Toolbar cannot be docked on touch enabled devices Bug Fixed in 31.1.1
MVCDV-55 Missing events for form field elements Feature Fixed in 31.1.1
MVCDV-57 Keep aspect ratio option for resizable annotations Feature Fixed in 31.1.1
MVCDV-40 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'resourceTXSignatureDoneFlagText') Bug Fixed in 31.1.1
MVCDV-54 Comments sidebar: Selecting annotation from another page does not lead to this annotation Bug Fixed in 31.1.1
MVCDV-58 The search textbox and the zoom text box are rendered on the page, then disappear into the toolbar Bug Fixed in 31.1.1
MVCDV-52 Resources: SIGN HERE is not in the resources and shows "UNDEFINED" Bug Fixed in 31.1.1