Electronic signatures will become the standard in future business transaction processes. Typical industries for an accelerated adoption are "document-heavy" industries such as financial services, insurance and title management, education and government.

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We published a whitepaper that gives an overview of how to integrate on-premises electronic signature processes into web applications. Download the full whitepaper and learn how Text Control can be utilized to integrate the complete electronic signature workflow.

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Integrate On-Premise Electronic Signature Processes into Web Applications.

Electronic Signatures


Using Text Control libraries, the complete electronic signature process can be brought into your applications, under your control without the dependency on any other third-party service or provider. Integrate modern digital document processing into your web applications and provide your users and clients a way to sign documents online.

Learn more about the importance of digital document processes, the legal implications and how Text Control libraries can be utilized to integrate the complete electronic signature workflow into your on-premises applications.