Rendering Problem

Text Control users reported issues on machines with specific Intel graphics adapters. Common reports confirm that the document is not rendered properly and the content is not visible before it is changed or the document is zoomed.


This problem exists in all versions of TX Text Control .NET for WPF >= 24.0 (X14). After version 24.0, we switched the rendering to the affected WriteableBitmap. Versions before 24.0 are not affected.

This problem is discussed in the WPF GitHub repository:

WPF - cannot redraw page on Intel 11th Core Iris Xe Integration graphic card #3817

What is Affected?

All Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics adapters part of the 11th generation Intel® processors are affected. Many Dell machines come with these processors by default, but it is not limited to this one vendor.

Text Control is Not Alone

This problem affects many vendors and libraries that use the WriteableBitmap class including SkiaSharp, CefSharp and apparently TX Text Control.

On Iris Xe Graphics, UI elements don't refresh after they are initially rendered on applications that leverage Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) when hardware acceleration is active., Intel

Since version 24.0 (X14), TX Text Control uses the WriteableBitmap to render text onto a DrawingContext. That is the reason why older versions of TX Text Control are not affected.

The Solution

This issue comes only into effect in case the hardware acceleration is active. Intel is recommending to turn off the hardware acceleration using the registry or to install an updated driver that fixes this specific issue:

Applications Using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Don't Refresh After They Are Initially Rendered

The updated drivers can be found here:

Intel® Graphics - BETA Windows* DCH Drivers

Please let us know, if you are having problems with the suggested solutions.