We are announcing Day 0 Support for the latest version of .NET across all .NET products of Text Control including ASP.NET, Windows Forms and WPF. With the official release of .NET 7, Microsoft provides a unified platform to build desktop, mobile and web application on the same Base Class Library (BCL).

.NET 7 is the successor of .NET 6 and is supported for 18 months as a standard-term support (STS) release.

.NET Release Schedule

.NET 7 can be downloaded here:

Download .NET 7.0

According to the release notes, key focus of this release is performance by decreasing loading times and lowering memory footprints. All supported platforms received improvements including ASP.NET, Windows Forms and WPF.


ASP.NET Core 7.0 now includes built-in rate limiting, an output caching middleware to increase performance, Http/3 and Http/2 improvements and Http/2 WebSockets support.

Windows Forms

Windows Forms for .NET 7 provides improvements in accessibility, high DPI and scaling improvements that are supported by TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms and data binding improvements.

Just by looking at the memory footprint of a Windows Forms application with all TX Text Control controls added to a form, .NET 7 shows a smaller memory footprint. The following screenshot shows the Windows Forms application built with .NET 7:

Memory footprint

.NET 7: Smaller memory footprint

It shows a Process Memory of 47MB. The next screenshot shows the exact same application compiled for .NET 6 with a Process Memory of 61MB.

Memory footprint

.NET 6: Larger memory footprint


WPF received accessibility and performance improvements as part of the .NET 7 version.

Upgrade Assistant

Microsoft provides the .NET Upgrade Assistant that helps developers to upgrade applications effortlessly. This upgrade tool can be used to upgrade ASP.NET MVC applications, Windows Forms and WPF desktop applications.

Day 0 Support

During the development of .NET 7, we tested all preview releases and made sure that our products and components are compatible to provide you with a Day 0 Support experience to test the latest .NET features on release day (day 0).

We provide .NET 7 support for all Text Control .NET products including ASP.NET, Windows Forms and WPF and tested the latest Visual Studio versions that support .NET 7 including the following features:

  • NuGet packages
  • Visual Studio design-time support
  • .NET 7 compatible component licensing
  • Easy deployment (including Publish)

We know that upgrading the .NET version is always a huge step and requires testing and other significant tasks. If you prefer to keep your current version of .NET (including .NET Framework 4.8), we will support you and keep Text Control components compatible.