The document viewer, part of TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET, that is available for ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Angular, JavaScript and React provides a feature to deploy forms and documents to collect electronic signatures from users. By using the viewer, documents with signature boxes can be loaded to retrieve electronic signatures from users that can be applied to PDF documents.

To qualify as an enforceable electronic signature, the signer's intent to execute the agreement must be recorded. Technically, this can be achieved by requiring signers to type their name or to draw their signature using the mouse or touchscreen.

Electronic Signature Legality Guide

Electronic signatures are widely recognized as legally binding in the world. Learn more about the legality and technical requirements to implement a legally binding electronic signature infrastructure.

Legality Guide

Signature Soft-Pad

The signature soft-pad has been designed to work with any desktop or mobile device to provide full flexibility in your document processing workflows. Signatures are simplified with an efficient line smoothing algorithm. Lines are captured as vectors, stored in arrays and finally de-noised and simplified in a post-process. This produces pixel-perfect signature images when using the mouse or a finger on a touch screen.

Signing Documents

Uploading Signature Images

Another way to add the electronic signature is to upload a prepared signature image from typical image formats such as JPG or PNG. When using a mobile phone, the camera can be used to take a picture of a signature that is inserted directly in the same process step.

Signing Documents

Tweaking the Signature Image

After uploading an image, you can use the eyedropper tool to remove the background or any specific color:

Signing Documents

The auto correction tool adjusts the contrast, removes the background and makes all remaining pixels blacks to provide the best guess results for a signature:

Signing Documents

You can also manually increase and decrease the image contrast to remove the background in a separate process for better results:

Signing Documents

After manipulating the signature image manually, you can change the color of all remaining pixels to black:

Signing Documents

Live Demo

Test all of this on your own by using our dedicated Text Control eSign Demo:

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