Combine Desktop, Mobile and Paper

TX Text Control helps to close gaps between desktop applications, mobile devices and paper. By providing users a streamlined way to access documents, you gain additional advantages such as document tracking. You receive the ability to track when a document has been opened, accessed or to transfer documents to other devices.

Over the next couple years, there might be still the requirement to send out printed documents. Whether this is required for legal reasons or a customer request to receive printed versions. By providing a combination of both offline and online, users are getting best of both worlds and can adjust to the electronic deployment strategies.

The easiest way to achieve this is to provide users access to documents in an online portal. On the printed version, simply place a QR code that opens the document directly in your portal using the Text Control DocumentViewer. This enables users to access to the electronic version or to make and share annotations on a document.

Transfer Documents to Mobile Devices

In order to showcase a similar scenario, we published a new online demo that shows how to transfer a document from a desktop web application to the mobile version of the DocumentViewer. The following animated screenshot sequence shows this demo in action:

DocumentViewer Annotations

A QR code is created (using TX Text Control) with a specific session ID in an URL to open the same document on a mobile device. After the QR code has been scanned and the URL is opened in the mobile browser, the document is loaded. The mobile user is able to add annotations to the document by using the built-in annotation functionality of the TX Text Control DocumentViewer. After clicking the button Save Annotations, the annotations JSON is synchronized with the web application and loaded into the desktop view of the DocumentViewer.

Live Demo

Test this live in our online demos and use your smartphone to add annotations to a document.

Live Demo

Typical Applications

How can this workflow be used in business applications? Transferring documents to mobile devices can be very helpful in many different scenarios:

  • Access electronic versions
    If the QR code is printed on a paper version of a document, users can get access to the electronic version to make annotations or to archive the document electronically.
  • Request annotations
    Deploy electronic documents to mobile devices to deploy or request annotations or tracked changes.
  • Form field completion
    Help users to complete form fields electronically instead of filling out forms with pen and paper to access data faster and to extract results programmatically.
  • Request signatures
    Transfer a document to a mobile device to request an electronic signature. Using a touch-enabled device is easier and creates better results than using the mouse.

Rethinking Documents

This is another example of how we think digital document processing should be implemented in business processes. If you are thinking about changing document processes in your software or workflows, feel free to reach out to our engineers with your requirements, ideas and questions.

We are working closely with our users, clients and partners to implement features like these.