We are very happy to announce the immediate availability of new Service Packs for the following Text Control products:

TX Text Control 30.0

Once you have taken a look at the fixed known issues, please download and install the service pack.

Update Strategy

When updating your applications, the following steps are required:

  • Install the service pack setup on your developer machine that is used to compile your application.
  • Rebuild and test your application with the new version of TX Text Control.
  • Deploy the new redistributable files of TX Text Control.

The assembly version of all TX Text Control assemblies (except the assemblies in NuGet packages TXTextControl.Web, and TXTextControl.Web.MVC.DocumentViewer) doesn't change after a service pack. The file version is increased instead (pro tip: You can check the file version and service pack status of each file by looking at the time stamp - it matches the file version number). Therefore, it is not required to recompile your application. The deployment of the redistributable files is enough to uplift TX Text Control to a new service pack.

When deploying an application using the online document editor for ASP.NET or Angular, the following components must be updated (depending on usage):

  • If used, the MVC NuGet package must be updated.
  • If used, the Angular npm package must be updated.
  • The TCP backend service files must be updated on your server. That includes all TX Text Control files and the service executables.

The support department is waiting to assist you in all matters related to the products of Text Control.