Electronic signatures became the standard in business transaction processes. Typical industries for an accelerated adoption were "document-heavy" industries such as financial services, insurance and title management, education and government. But others are following quickly.

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We published a whitepaper that gives an overview of how to integrate on-premises electronic signature processes into web applications. Download the full whitepaper and learn how Text Control can be utilized to integrate the complete electronic signature workflow.

Electronic Signatures

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Using TX Text Control, you can add the complete workflow into your business applications without the dependency on third-party vendors or services. As opposed to other electronic signature service vendors, the documents stay in your environment and will not be uploaded to third-party servers to collect the signatures.

Advantages of TX Text Control

Together with technology leading clients, we added all essential parts of a document signature technology platform to our libraries to provide a complete set of tools that helps to integrate electronic signature processes into business applications.

But there are differences and advantages of TX Text Control over other concepts.

Document Preparation

The document signing process starts with an MS Word compatible document and not with a sealed PDF document. This gives developers the flexibility to integrate the complete digital document processing pipeline into their workflows. Typically, the signing process starts with a template that contains merge fields that can be merged programmatically before the document is deployed to acquire the signatures. Form fields can be pre-populated to prepare forms for users to increase the user experience.

When is a good time to create a PDF that is basically "write only"? Although, it is possible to make changes to a created PDF document like replacing small bits of text or removing complete pages. But when thinking about a PDF in a way like a printed paper sheet, you will get the idea of how dynamic digital document processing should be.

A document should be editable as long as possible. It is a dynamic structure that should be updatable at any time until the process is finished and a document is created for further processing or archiving.

Electronic Signatures with TX Text Control

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Document automation is the concept of generating documents by pulling data and text from various sources and merging it into specific sections or merge fields of templates. This article explains various concepts of how to integrate document automation using TX Text Control.

Integrating Document Automation into C# Applications

Document Editing

Integrate a fully-featured, browser-based, document editor to create proposals, quotes or contracts and prepare them directly for collecting signatures. MS Word documents such as Office Open XML (DOCX) or RTF can be directly imported and used as templates before they are deployed for the signature request.

Electronic Signatures with TX Text Control

Include Form Elements

Add form fields to your documents and have your users complete those directly in a browser or PDF. Form fields can be pre-populated and deployed with conditional instructions to validate values or to automate form fields based on user input.

Electronic Signatures with TX Text Control

All On-Premise

You control the document workflow and documents are kept inside your controlled infrastructure. All required components and libraries are directly integrated into applications and no additional service or public Web API is required to integrate document signing into applications.

Advantages Overview

The following table lists the advantages of TX Text Control electronic signatures over other vendors and concepts. Use this list when comparing tools and components for your integration of document signing into applications.

Fully-featured document editor
Reuse templates
MS Word compatible
Mail merge functionality
Form fields
Form field pre-population
Smart form fields with validation and automation
Electronic signature soft pad
SVG signatures
Certificate based digital signatures

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