Technologies such as .NET framework versions, Visual Studio releases, client-side frameworks like Angular or React are evolving fast. To keep up with the pace of change, we are constantly publishing new getting started tutorials, samples, and other articles that help to integrate Text Control products in new environments.

We decided to use our blog as the central location for such articles and to merge the blog with the knowledge base to have one consistent channel. Using the website search, you can find all relevant articles in the Blog tab in the search results:

Blog search

To increase the usability, we added another layer to all articles with a category, a technology stack, the Text Control component and additional tags. This allows you to filter for specific articles. With the following selection, all Deployment articles are listed that are valid in the ASP.NET Core environment and uses the TX Text Control Document Editor:

Blog search

Additionally, the results can be filtered by specific tags. In the next selection, the results are filtered by the tag Linux:

Blog search

Test this on your own and visit our new getting started hub:

Getting Started

If you have suggestions for new articles or would like to learn how to use TX Text Control in a specific environment, let us know.