Samples and source code library are moving to GitHub

We're moving to GitHub!

Step-by-step, we are moving all sample projects, wrappers and additional resources such as the Text Control UI Icon Package to GitHub. GitHub became the market leader in Git hosting over the last years. It simply makes sense to join the market leader: More repositories, more users, more forks, more revisions, more everything on GitHub.

Internally, we are using Git for all our internal repositories which makes a transition very easy. GitHub will be the central hub for all our official samples, sample projects from blog entries, all samples from the source code library and additional resources such as UI icons.

If you follow our blog, you may have already seen this box at the end of blog entries:

GitHub integration

GitHub integration in blog entries

GitHub mark

This gives you direct access to the latest version of the sample project on GitHub. Additionally, source code snippets in our blog entries are now GitHub Gists - a simple way to share snippets with others. Gists are Git repositories, so they are automatically versioned, forkable and usable from Git.

Over the next weeks, we will move all resources to GitHub and link our source code library to our GitHub account. Additionally, the deployed version of the template designer TX Text Control Words will be available on GitHub. This enables developers to fork this project in order to extend the functionality, but keep it in sync with our progress.

Visit our GitHub account at:

GitHub account TextControl

Happy coding!