Web.TextControl provides a code-behind API to load and save documents from and to the server. Additionally, local files can be loaded using drag and drop on the control workspace.

Client-side, the Javascript API also provides a method to load local files:

TXTextControl.loadDocument(streamType, base64Data);
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This sample shows how to open a local document with the HTML Input element and how to pass this document as a Base64 encoded string to the loadDocument method.

On selecting a new document in the Input element, the document is loaded into a FileReader that asynchronously reads the contents of files. The method readAsDataURL converts the document to a Base64 encoded string automatically. Based on the file extension, the required StreamType is recognized and finally loaded into TX Text Control.

// *****************************************************************
// readDocument
// Desc: This function reads a file, converts it to a Base64 encoded
// string and loads it into TX Text Control
// param input: The input HTML element
// *****************************************************************
function readDocument(input) {
if (input.files && input.files[0]) {
var fileReader = new FileReader();
fileReader.onload = function (e) {
var streamType = TXTextControl.streamType.PlainText;
// set the StreamType based on the lower case extension
switch (fileinput.value.split('.').pop().toLowerCase()) {
case 'doc':
streamType = TXTextControl.streamType.MSWord;
case 'docx':
streamType = TXTextControl.streamType.WordprocessingML;
case 'rtf':
streamType = TXTextControl.streamType.RichTextFormat;
case 'htm':
streamType = TXTextControl.streamType.HTMLFormat;
case 'tx':
streamType = TXTextControl.streamType.InternalUnicodeFormat;
case 'pdf':
streamType = TXTextControl.streamType.AdobePDF;
// load the document beginning at the Base64 data (split at comma)
TXTextControl.loadDocument(streamType, e.target.result.split(',')[1]);
// read the file and convert it to Base64
// call readDocument when a new document has been selected
$("#fileinput").change(function () {
view raw tx.js hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Download the sample from GitHub and test it on your own.