We already presented first impressions of the next TX Text Control version at several conferences. All of our developer teams are working on new features and improvements for all products and modules including ASP.NET, WPF and Windows Forms.

Roadmap X12 TX Text Control

Today, we would like to list some of the new features of Web.TextControl - the HTML5-based, true WYSIWYG rich text editor for ASP.NET.

  • Client clipboard support
    Copy and paste formatted content from the client (MS Word, OpenOffice, browser, ...) to the editor.
  • Drag and drop support
    Drag and drop files and images to the editor.
  • New ribbon style
    New Office 2013 ribbon icons and style - collapsible and scrollable.
  • Spell check dialog
    Fully featured spell-check dialog for Web.TextControl in combination with TX Spell .NET.
  • Direct printing support
    Opens the browser's print dialog without the external Window and PDF printing.
  • Document Access (API)
    Server-side API to edit the content of the document programmatically.
  • Localization support
    Translate the Web.TextControl to various languages incl. dialog boxes, ribbon, error messages and information messages.

We will publish details, screenshots and live demos soon. Stay tuned!