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December 2015
TX Text Control X13 for Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET and ActiveX Released
November 2015
Web.TextControl X13: Improved Merge Field Insertion
X13: Use SubTextParts to Save Formatted Comments
X13: Using IMEs and Localization in Web.TextControl
X13: New Web Forms DocumentViewer Style
Sneak Peek X13: New Features in Web.TextControl
Preorder X13 Now and Get TX Spell .NET for Free
MailMerge Just Got Easier. Again.
October 2015
Sneak Peek X13: MS Word Compatible Drawings and Shapes
July 2015
Service Pack 2 for TX Text Control X12 Released
June 2015
New Online Store and License Management Tool Launched
May 2015
TX Text Control X12 (22.0) Service Pack 1 Released
April 2015
Updating Your TextControl.Web from X11 to X12
TX Text Control X12 and TX Spell 6.0 Released
Ready-to-use Ribbon Tabs in TX Text Control X12
March 2015
Pre-order X12 and Get Spell Checking for Free
Web.TextControl X12: Fully Programmable API
Web.TextControl X12 Beta: Live Demo Online
Sneak Peek: Field Navigation Panel in TX Text Control Words
February 2015
Sneak Peek: TX Text Control .NET for WPF X12
January 2015
Sneak Peek: Client Clipboard Support in HTML5 Editor
Roadmap X12: Web.TextControl Enhancements in Detail