We recently released version X12 with a new version of our HTML5 based editor TextControl.Web. This article shows how to update the references and license information in an existing project.

After you installed version X12, start Visual Studio and open your existing project.

  • In the Solution Explorer, find the TXTextControl.Web reference in the References of your project. Select this old reference and choose Remove from the Edit main menu.

  • Choose Add Reference... from the Project main menu. In the opened dialog box, click Browse... to open the Select the files to reference... dialog.

    Navigate to the installation folder of TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET. Default path:

    C:\Program Files\Text Control GmbH\
    TX Text Control 22.0.NET Server for ASP.NET\Assembly

    Select TXTextControl.Web and confirm with Add.

    Updating your Web.TextControl from X11 to X12

    Your reference in the Solution Explorer should now look like this:

    Updating your Web.TextControl from X11 to X12
  • Open the Markup of the ASPX page(s) where TXTextControl.Web is used. In the header, the used assembly TXTextControl.Web is registered. Replace the version number with The final tag should look like this:

    <%@ Register assembly="TXTextControl.Web,
        Version=, Culture=neutral,
        namespace="TXTextControl.Web" tagprefix="cc1" %>

    Repeat this step for all ASPX pages where TXTextControl.Web is used.

  • Find the web.config file in your Solution Explorer and open it. Find the <assemblies> parent element and the <add assembly... element. Replace the version number of TXTextControl.Web to

    Now, Find the <handlers> parent element and the <add name="TXWebSocketHandler"...> element. Please the version number of TXTextControl.Web.WebSocketHandler to

    Add a new entry for the TXPrintHandler, so that the handlers should now look like this:

      <add name="TXWebSocketHandler"
              PublicKeyToken=6B83FE9A75CFB638" />
      <add name="TXPrintHandler"
              PublicKeyToken=6B83FE9A75CFB638" />

Now, your project has been updated to version X12 (22.0). In case, you are using a ServerTextControl and a TXDocumentServer reference as well, replace these references in order to match the following version numbers:

  • TXTextControl: 22.0.1500.500
  • TXTextControl.Server: 22.0.700.500
  • TXDocumentServer: 22.0.800.500