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August 2015
Using MailMerge with JSON Data
July 2015
Merging Documents with RESTful Web API's
Windows Forms: Printing Multiple Pages Per Sheet
Inserting Watermark Images to All Pages Dynamically
Reporting: Sorting Merge Block Rows by Column Name
TX Text Control .NET Licensing Explained
June 2015
MailMerge with the Entity Framework Using Database First
May 2015
TextControl.Web: Creating an MVC Application with Razor
March 2015
Checked and Unchecked Check Boxes with IF Fields
Web.TextControl in MVC with MVC View Pages
Reporting: Conditional Formatted Text Blocks
February 2015
Using TX Text Control with C++ Builder XE7
Web.TextControl and Spell Checking
Reporting Best Practices and How-To Guides
January 2015
MailMerge: Master Table and Client Tables
Web.TextControl: Adding Buttons to the Ribbon Bar
MailMerge: Formatting Numeric Strings in Merge Fields
MailMerge: Merge CheckBoxes During the Merge Process
MailMerge: Conditional INCLUDETEXT Fields
Find and Highlight Strings in All Text Parts
RichTextBox Compatible Data Binding with TX Text Control