Microsoft released Project Spartan with Windows 10 Build 10049 several days ago. Of course, we had to test this new browser with our HTML5 based Web editor Web.TextControl immediately.

The most interesting part of Spartan is the rendering engine EdgeHTML, a fork of Trident that is also used in IE (which uses a dual engine for compatibility reasons). This compatibility aspect is now not longer a goal of Microsoft's new browser. The focus has been set to Javascript engine performance, hardware-accelerated graphics without installing additional software and the overall HTML5 and CSS3 compatibility.

This sounds like the perfect browser for our HTML5 based TX Text Control and we had to give it a try.

We tested TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET in the latest Visual Studio 2015 RC version (we will be a Visual Studio 2015 Launch Partner again) and here is the result:

The TX Text Control Web editor uses 3 major features of HTML5:

  • WebSockets
  • Canvas 2D Graphics
  • JSON Encoding and Decoding

All of these features work perfectly fast and reliable in Spartan, so that TX Text Control is already compatible with Spartan which will be part of the final Windows 10 release.