As part of our new Text Control Reporting Microsite, we launched a new, lightweight demo application that shows the Text Control Reporting Framework (TXTextControl.DocumentServer.MailMerge) in combination with the HTML5 based web editor (TXTextControl.Web.TextControl).

New Text Control Reporting online demo launched

An MS Word template document is loaded automatically. The template consists of static content such as headers, footers, page formatting and dynamic content like merge fields and repeating merge blocks. A sample database is loaded to provide merge field names and data rows to preview the document.

How It Works

  1. Click on Merge template to start the merge process.


    Text Control is loading the template from the editor to merge it with data rows from the sample database. Text Control is populating merge fields by matching the names with available data column names.

  2. Click Edit template to switch back to design view.

  3. Edit the template by changing the format or adding content and merge fields.

  4. Repeat the process at step 1.

Start the Demo Application

Try this on your own and test the new live demo project:

Launch the demo