We just rolled out a new set of endpoints to retrieve and manipulate MS Word compatible tracked changes in a document. Track changes is very helpful when working on the same document with multiple authors specifically with legal or healthcare documents where changes need to be tracked and safely logged.

The following endpoint processing/review/trackedchanges returns all tracked changes in a document that will be uploaded with the POST request:


The following return object contains information about the tracked changes:


Key Value Type Description
changeKind ChangeKind Gets the kind of the tracked change. Possible values: 4096 (InsertedText), 8192 (DeletedText).
changeTime DateTime Gets the time stamp of the tracked change.
defaultHighlightColor String Gets the default highlight color of tracked changes.
highlightColor String Gets the highlight color of the tracked change.
highlightMode HighlightMode Gets the highlight mode of the tracked change. Possible values: 1 (Never), 2 (Activated), 3 (Always).
length int Gets the length of the change.
start int Gets the start index of the change in the document.
id int Gets the unique id of the tracked change that can be used to remove the tracked change.
text String Gets the text of the tracked change.
userName String Gets the user name of the author for that tracked change.

We introduced the complete new namespace Processing. This namespace will host all endpoints to manipulate a document in future versions of ReportingCloud. The first addition is the namespace Review. The second new endpoint method is processing/review/removetrackedchange in this namespace:


By passing the id of the TrackedChange return object, you can accept or reject a tracked change in the document. The return value of this endpoint is the manipulated document with the removed tracked change.

The ReportingCloud .NET SDK and the NuGet package has been updated.

You can read the full API documentation of the new namespace here:


Happy coding!