Every year, the SD Times magazine recognizes leaders in our industry in the SD Times 100 list. We are very proud to be listed in the Development Tools sections.

SD Times recognizes companies, non-commercial organizations, open source projects and other initiatives for their innovation and leadership. It is not a product award.

Leading the Way for the Rest to Follow

On the SD Times website, the following quote summarizes this year's list of recognized companies very well:

This year?s list sees many of the mature companies coming back to roost, but also includes a few fledglings that are just learning to fly on their own. This is reflective of the fact that software development does not stand still. New methodologies, architectures and paradigms are emerging, and the SD Times 100 companies are at the point of the flying V, leading the way for the rest to follow.

SD Times 100 2019: Birds of a feather

As a company, this recognition motivates us to work even harder to provide leading technologies that integrate document processing to client, web and cloud solutions to gain the largest competitive advantage. We have been developing software components for reporting and document processing for more than 25 years and we are continually looking for new and innovative ways to improve document processing.

We are working on new ideas to digitize many paper-based processes in order to provide tools and components that can be easily integrated into business applications. Stay tuned for more - we will unveil some of them very soon!

Thanks to all customers, partners and to our many friends in the industry who helped making our products better.