We are constantly working on new, innovative features for the next releases of our products. Today, we would like to outline some of the highlights we are currently working on. Publishing roadmaps helps users to plan ahead for their applications based on our products. We are also working closely with customers and partners to elaborate the upcoming feature sets.

DPI Aware Applications

A lot of our efforts in 2019 will go into DPI aware applications and support for high DPI applications. All of our products will support high DPI settings which makes the development for 4k+ screens easy for you. Our various controls including tool bars, rulers, status bars and the Ribbon will support higher resolutions.

Additionally, we will provide our complete icon set (900+ icons) for all resolutions. To visualize the sharpness, the below screenshot shows an early preview of TX Text Control scaled at 200%:

High DPI

UI Automation for Windows Forms and WPF

We introduced UI Automation for WPF in version X15 and will now extend the support for Windows Forms. After that, we will have one streamlined interface to automate TX Text Control from other applications. The TextPattern support will be extended with attributes to retrieve formatting properties such as font name, color and information about read only ranges such as TextFields and protected sections.

Forms Creation and Processing

We are working on a concept to create forms with standard form fields such as text boxes, drop-downs and check boxes. These forms can be visually created with TX Text Control and a new ribbon tab providing a fully-featured design UI. Additionally, existing forms from MS Word can be imported and reused.

With a new edit mode, TX Text Control can be used to deploy these forms to be completed by end-users. Additionally, forms can be exported to Adobe PDF to be filled-out by end-users in Acrobat Reader. Consequently, the completed PDF documents can be imported back into TX Text Control to retrieve form data.

Document Workflows

With the release of forms creation and processing, we are closing an important document workflow gap. Forms can be authored, deployed and analyzed with TX Text Control. Combined with document collaboration features, multiple authors can work on forms backed by track changes until it is ready to be published.

Node.js Implementation and Angular

We are also working on a Node.js version of our browser-based TX Text Control. This version uses Node.js instead of Microsoft IIS and can be deployed to all platforms. We will publish more details about this concept soon.

Additionally, we are going to provide an Angular version that can be easily integrated into Angular applications.

The JavaScript API, that can be used in all versions of the browser-based TX Text Control, will be extended to support tables, track changes, input format classes and many other features.

This is just a first draft of the upcoming features we are already working on. There are many other features and feature requests from you, our users, we are considering for an update. Our goal is very easy: You only need one product to cover all of your document needs. From document creation, conversion, forms deployment and collaboration processes - with Text Control, these tasks can be easily integrated into your business applications.

We love documents!