Since version X16, TX Text Control provides a way to track changes in documents made by multiple authors to enable document collaboration.

The TXTextControl.TrackedChange class represents a change made to the document after anyone has revised the document. It returns the TXTextControl.TrackedChange.UserName, time stamps, the kind of the change and the content.

In order to accept or reject a tracked change, the specific change needs to be removed from the TXTextControl.TrackedChangeCollection using the TXTextControl.TrackedChangeCollection.Remove method.

Sometimes, it is required to remove all changes from the whole document by a given Username. For this purpose, we implemented two extension methods. Extension methods enable you to add additional functionality to existing classes.

The following extension methods remove all changes from the TrackedChangeCollection or all changes from all TextParts:


In order to accept all changes made by the user, only the following call is required:


If you need to reject all changed in all text parts including the header, footer, main text and text frames, the following call can be used:


If you did not try version X16 already, please download a trial version and test this on your own.