Our reporting Web API ReportingCloud is powered by TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET for merging templates in a highly available and scalable service. We just updated this backend of ReportingCloud to TX Text Control X16 that has been recently released.

This automatically enables several new features in ReportingCloud that can be used right away without implementing new end points on your side. You can find a detailed list of the new TX Text Control X16 features in the What's New section.

Primarily, the following features are interesting and relevant for ReportingCloud:

  • MS Excel Formulas
    ReportingCloud supports 100+ formulas, including most mathematical and trigonometric formulas compatible to Microsoft Excel. Typically, a SUM formula is inserted at the end of a table to create a total sum value.

  • Data Shaping
    Merge blocks can be sorted and filtered. This enables very flexible data structures and data shaping options in ReportingCloud based reporting applications.

  • PDF AcroForm Import Coming soon
    ReportingCloud will be able to import AcroForm form fields from Adobe PDF documents.

The portal, template editor and the widget have been updated to the latest version as well.

New PHP Wrapper Available

Additionally, we published ReportingCloud PHP Wrapper 2.0. One of the major changes is that all Laminas (formerly Zend Framework) dependencies have been removed. All notable changes can be found here.

Happy coding!