We are working on many new features for the next release X18 (28.0) of TX Text Control. One of the major features is the creation and completion of MS Word compatible forms.

Inserting form fields into documents has been a highly requested feature for TX Text Control. With version X18, we will provide a native, out-of-the-box and MS Word compatible functionality to insert form fields into documents. In the screen-video below, you can see a very early version of the ribbon UI to insert form fields.

It is possible to insert the following form fields:

  • Text form field
  • Check box form field
  • Combo box form field
  • Drop-down list form field
  • Date form field

All typical properties of a form field can be adjusted programmatically or using the ready-to-use ribbon interface. The following screen-video for example shows how to change the symbol characters for check boxes:

Conditional Instructions

TX Text Control X18 will not only provide the possibility to insert form fields into documents - a complete rule engine will be available to enable workflows and logic within document forms.

In the following screenshot, a conditional instruction is defined where a specific form text field is enabled in case the value Other is selected from a drop-down list form field.

These instructions can be linked (and/or) and also multiple actions can be defined for these conditions. This enables form designers to integrate complex logic and document form field workflows into form templates.

When a form is "deployed" to be completed by end-users, the TX Text Control switches into a "read-only" behavior that can be combined with the document protection feature. The following screen-video shows a protected document with custom conditional instruction logic:

Form fields will be available for all .NET-based products including Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET and all of our web platforms including Angular and Node.js.

Stay tuned for more features of TX Text Control X18!