We recently released a new documentation hub for ReportingCloud that gives an overview of Web API endpoints, tutorials, concepts and typical tasks. Additionally, step-by-step, we are going to introduce interactive tutorials that allows you to play with the platform without any programming.

That way you can learn how to use specific endpoints or how to use reporting elements such as repeating merge blocks.

The first interactive tutorial is now live and shows how to create your first document based on the sample template that is automatically copied into your template storage when creating a new trial account. All you need to do is to create a trial account and to create your personal API Key.

In the tutorial, you simply need to add your created API Key, set the required return format such as PDF or DOCX and you can change the merge data that is used to populate the fields in the sample template. The following screenshot shows this form of the tutorial:

Build your request

After clicking Create Request, the complete HTTP request is created for you. It shows the endpoint with the request parameters, HTTP headers for the authorization and the payload that includes the merge data object:

Build your request

When the request is successful, the return value is shown in the ReportingCloud Response section:

Build your request

This represents the document encoded as a Base64 string. When clicking Download Document, this created document can be downloaded.

Try this on your own and create your trial account today:

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