This week, we exhibited at DEVintersection Spring 2019 in the Disney Swan hotel in Orlando. With 1000+ attendees, it is the smaller version of DEVintersection - the bigger conference is the fall show in Las Vegas.

We were able to demo our new, Visual Studio 2019 compatible version X17 to existing clients and many interested developers at the conference. Top speakers from our industry talked about trends and new technologies for web, cloud, mobile and Windows applications. In his keynote, Scott Hanselman talked about ".NET Everywhere" and how that looks like in the Microsoft ecosystem. In a panel discussion, he also pointed out that existing and running applications must not be updated to latest versions of .NET or .NET Core, if not really required. You can still update legacy applications with new features based on older versions of .NET.

Thanks to Azure, different modules can run in different systems and deployed in the same, streamlined way.

We received a good number of questions about our Web API ReportingCloud and were able to show many developers how to create documents using a simple HTTP request.

Find below some impressions of our booth area and the closing session with our raffle: