This week, we exhibited at BASTA! Spring 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany and presented our latest features of TX Text Control X16 and our cloud-based document generation Web API ReportingCloud.

The event is growing and it was the largest BASTA! Spring since the beginning of this conference. Traditionally, BASTA! is picking a main topic besides all other trending technologies. This year, it was the cloud. The cloud is an existing technology and not something that will be probably coming in the future. It is an integral part of many business applications and architectures. Several years ago, it was a question of when, then how and now it is who.

We presented our cloud-based document generation Web API ReportingCloud and received a lot of interest and feedback in this area. Also, document editing and document collaboration are major requirements when it comes to cloud-based applications.

See below some impressions of our booth area:

See you next year!