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December 2016
HTML5: Using the New JavaScript Selection Object
Adding Elements to the Ribbon QuickAccessToolbar
Printing Labels with MS Word Compatible Templates and Data Sources
ReportingCloud: Reference Implementation of TX Text Control X14 (24.0)
Updating Your TXTextControl.Web ASP.NET Project from Version X13 to X14…
November 2016
TX Text Control X14 for Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET and ActiveX Released
Using TX Text Control .NET with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS -…
X14 Preview: New Integrated Reporting Dialog Boxes
X14 Preview: Build Your Own Template Designer with the New…
X14 Preview: Adding MS Word Compatible Custom Properties to Documents
Pull the Plug: How to Beat Ransomware and to Protect Your Organization
Sneak Peek: Windows Forms Ribbon Bar Visual Studio Design-time Support
ReportingCloud: Conditional Text Blocks Based on Merge Blocks
MailMerge Improvements in X14: Event Arguments and JSON Data Sources
October 2016
Impressions from DevIntersection 2016, Las Vegas - Roadmap for Version X14
Version X14: Fully-featured, Programmable Ribbon Bar for Windows Forms
ASP.NET: Adding Electronic Signatures to Documents
Web API Test Sandbox Released on ReportingCloud Portal
ReportingCloud: New Test Parameter for Document Quota Related Endpoints
ReportingCloud: The MergeData JSON Object Format Explained
September 2016
Creating Dynamic HTML Forms Using ReportingCloud
Meet Text Control at DevIntersection in Las Vegas, NV
ReportingCloud Web API Supports Now Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
Impressions from BASTA! 2016 in Mainz, Germany
MailMerge: Starting Each Merge Block on a New Page
ReportingCloud: New Endpoint to Find and Replace Text
New Features in ReportingCloud Portal
August 2016
New ReportingCloud Endpoint: Retrieving Template Information Including…
See Text Control at BASTA! 2016
Windows Forms and WPF: End a List on Return when Line is Empty
Using IFormattedText Objects to Access Elements Across All TextParts in…
Updated TXTextControl.Web MVC NuGet Package
Impressions from That Conference 2016
Service Pack 1 for TX Text Control X13 Released
What Can You Do with the ReportingCloud RESTful Service?
Render Document Pages As Images Using the ReportingCloud REST Web API
July 2016
Sneak Peek X14 (24.0): Improved Auto Scrolling
ReportingCloud: Web Service Privacy and Data Security
ReportingCloud: Merging Images into Image Placeholders
Sneak Peek: TX Text Control Ribbon for Windows Forms
ReportingCloud and .NET: Creating Templates with JSON Excerpt Files
Text Control ReportingCloud Released: Web API Powered Reporting Platform
Getting Started with Text Control ReportingCloud and the .NET Wrapper
Summer Camp for Geeks: Text Control Sponsors "That Conference" 2016 in…
June 2016
Creating Reports from QuickBooks or Salesforce Data Sources Using…
MailMerge: Merging Fields from Child Tables or Related Objects
Impressions from Developer Week (DWX) 2016
Impressions from NDC Oslo 2016
Text Control Named a Leader in the SD Times 100 Awards 2016...again!
May 2016
ReportingCloud: Follow the API-first Approach
Text Control Announces New Cloud Product: ReportingCloud
Visit Text Control at the Developer Week (DWX) in Nuremberg
Back from Madgeburger Developer Days 2016
Preview: JSON Support in MailMerge Version X14 (24.0)
Impressions from Dotnet Cologne 2016
Reporting: Merge Blocks Rendered As Numbered Lists
Meet Text Control at Dotnet Cologne 2016
April 2016
Using TX Spell .NET with ServerTextControl
Impressions from DevIntersection 2016
Meet Text Control at the Magdeburger Developer Days
MailMerge: The Append Parameter of the Merge Method Explained
March 2016
Using an Azure Load Balancer with Web.TextControl
Meet Text Control at DEVIntersection in Orlando, Florida
MVC: Loading a Document in the View Code from a MemoryStream
Applying Paragraph Styles from a Master Template
Feature Preview: Client Clipboard and Scrollable Drop-down Buttons
First Impressions from BASTA! Spring 2016
February 2016
Impressions from the South Florida Code Camp
MVC: Adding an Electronic Signature to Documents in Web.TextControl
MailMerge: Merge, MergeObject and MergeObjects - When to Use What?
MailMerge: Removing Empty Blocks
Easy-to-use Sample Templates with Sample XML Data Files
Where to See Text Control in 2016?
January 2016
MVC: Loading a Data Source from a View Model
TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET: MVC Article Collection
Windows Forms: Removing the Next Word Right to the Input Position on…
MVC: Loading a DataSet from the ViewBag
MVC: Merging Templates in a Controller HttpPost Method
Impressions from NDC London 2016
See Text Control in Fort Lauderdale-Davie at South Florida Code Camp 2016
Windows Forms: Preview Mail Merge Results with the BindingNavigator and…
Updating Your TXTextControl.Web ASP.NET Web Forms Project from Version…
MVC: Loading Files from the Backstage Menu