In the next couple of weeks, we will present new major and minor features of TX Text Control X14 (24.0). We already published a quick overview of the new Ribbon component that will be part of the Windows Forms version of TX Text Control.

A minor, but very helpful feature of TX Text Control X14 will be an improved auto scrolling. In the current version, the scroll speed when moving text, objects or selecting text is constant. But this might be too fast when trying to select a specific range or when a FrameBase object should be moved to a very specific location.

The following screencast shows the current version 23.0 and the fast scrolling:

Sneak Peek X14 (24.0): Improved auto scrolling

The next screencast shows version 24.0 and the precise scrolling interface:

Sneak Peek X14 (24.0): Improved auto scrolling

This is just one of many small improvements and major features of version X14 (24.0). Stay tuned for more.