We had a fantastic week at DevIntersection in Las Vegas, one of the largest Microsoft focused conferences in the United States. We presented features of the upcoming version X14 (24.0) and our Web API product ReportingCloud. Traditionally, we unveiled the roadmap for the new version and we are going to publish details of version X14 over the next couple of weeks until the release end of November.

Today, we would like to publish the list of major new features. I have to say that this version is one of the largest updates we ever published. We set a record for the number of new features and new API members.

  • Windows Forms Ribbon control
    TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms will be shipped with it's own Ribbon control and ready-to-use Ribbon tabs for all typical tasks of TX Text Control. Essentially, you can build our demo TX Text Control Words within seconds without writing a single line of code.
  • Out-of-the-box WPF Ribbon tabs
    TX Text Control .NET for WPF is now shipped with a complete set of Ribbon tabs for all typical tasks of TX Text Control. These tabs are identical to the Windows Forms tabs and can be easily connected to Text Control without programming a single line of code.
  • Colored paragraphs
    A paragraph and paragraph frames can now be colored.
  • Zooming
    Zoom to whole page, zoom to text and zoom to page width are new out-of-the-box options when zooming in TX Text Control.
  • Improved InputFormat class
  • Better exception handing
    New exception classes have been introduced: TextEditorException, FilterException and LicenseLevelException.
  • ASP.NET HTML5: Performance, auto-scrolling and drag and drop
  • MailMerge: Performance, JSON data support, improved event handling
  • ASP.NET HTML5: Load data from JSON and from a model (MVC)
  • ASP.NET HTML5: Substantial improvement of the JavaScript API.
    The Selection object can be manipulated, document TextParts and SubTextParts can be retrieved and the ribbon bar received events and tab pages can be selected programmatically. Overall, the ASP.NET control received 24 new classes, 43 new properties, 29 new methods and 13 new events.

This is just a short-list of new features that are coming in version X14. Most features are available for all platforms (MailMerge, zooming, paragraph coloring, InputFormat and exceptions) and major improvements have been done in the Reporting Framework of TX Text Control which is also available for all platforms including Windows Forms, WPF and ASP.NET.

In the next weeks, we will present detailed information, screenshots and videos about these features. We target a release date of end of November this year.

Stay tuned and find below some impressions of our booth area at the DevIntersection in Las Vegas.