Text Control announces new Cloud product: ReportingCloud

The Text Control reporting engine MailMerge can be used in Windows Forms, WPF and ASP.NET applications. Our new product Text Control ReportingCloud brings the complete reporting functionality into the Cloud and makes it accessible for all platforms and programming languages using a highly available RESTful Web API.

The Text Control ReportingCloud Web API is used to merge MS Word compatible templates with JSON data from all clients such as .NET, Javascript, PHP, Node.JS, jQuery, Ruby, Python, Android, Java, iOS and many more.

Admin Portal

The admin portal allows developers to manage, upload, download and create templates and JSON datasource excerpts. It also gives an overview of recent transactions and account settings.

ReportingCloud Dashboard

Edit Templates Online - Cross-browser, Cross-platform

MS Word compatible templates can be created and edited online using an HTML5-based editor directly in any browser. Datasource excerpt JSON files can be uploaded to insert matching merge fields, repeating merge blocks and to preview the template directly.

ReportingCloud Editor

Templates can be edited using any browser on any platform: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge and Safari.

ReportingCloud Editor

Create Documents from Anywhere

Invoices, quotes or any other dynamic documents can be created from any application: Desktop, web or mobile. Whether creating an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or web app - using Text Control ReportingCloud, professional documents can be created with one simple Web API call. The Web API endpoints enable developers to manage templates and to create documents.

MS Word compatible templates can be created and stored in the ReportingCloud storage. These templates can be merged with JSON data using simple Http Web API calls. No need to install TX Text Control on your servers, machines or devices.

Web API Wrappers

We will provide wrappers for many programming languages and platforms such as .NET, Ruby and PHP. Using these wrappers, developers don't need to do the Http requests, but simply use ready-to-use wrapper classes to manage templates and to merge documents.

Learn more on the dedicated product website:


A release date is not known yet, but stay tuned for more details, Web API references, sample applications and pricing.