20 Posts Tagged In 2016
November 2016
ReportingCloud: Conditional Text Blocks Based on Merge Blocks
MailMerge Improvements in X14: Event Arguments and JSON Data Sources
October 2016
Impressions from DevIntersection 2016, Las Vegas - Roadmap for Version X14
Web API Test Sandbox Released on ReportingCloud Portal
ReportingCloud: New Test Parameter for Document Quota Related Endpoints
ReportingCloud: The MergeData JSON Object Format Explained
September 2016
Creating Dynamic HTML Forms Using ReportingCloud
MailMerge: Starting Each Merge Block on a New Page
June 2016
Creating Reports from QuickBooks or Salesforce Data Sources Using…
MailMerge: Merging Fields from Child Tables or Related Objects
May 2016
Preview: JSON Support in MailMerge Version X14 (24.0)
April 2016
MailMerge: The Append Parameter of the Merge Method Explained
February 2016
MVC: Adding an Electronic Signature to Documents in Web.TextControl
MailMerge: Merge, MergeObject and MergeObjects - When to Use What?
MailMerge: Removing Empty Blocks
Easy-to-use Sample Templates with Sample XML Data Files
January 2016
MVC: Loading a Data Source from a View Model
MVC: Loading a DataSet from the ViewBag
MVC: Merging Templates in a Controller HttpPost Method
Windows Forms: Preview Mail Merge Results with the BindingNavigator and…